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About Us

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for older adults by providing courteous and safe door-through-door volunteer transportation to those eligible for the service, enabling them to obtain essential services and maintain their independence, dignity, and quality of life.

Transportation is vital to independence

Without it, living independently, accessing healthcare, grocery and pharmacy, shopping, and social interaction are virtually impossible. While Tennessee has a robust public transportation system available in all 95 counties, many older adults report a need for additional personalized transportation that is affordable, accessible, available, dependable, safe, and offers assisted door-through-door service.

Making a Difference, One Ride at a Time!

MyRide is:


-Available for adults age 60 and over


-Customized assistance for older adults who are able to walk on their own or with the assistance of a cane or walker

-Supported by well-screened, trained and supervised volunteer drivers using their personal vehicles

-Coordinated by an employee of The Southeast TN Area Agency on Aging and Disability

To Volunteer with MyRide:

-Must have a valid driver’s license

-Must be at least 21 years old

-Must be able to pass a background check

-Must have a clean driving record

-Must attend a 2-hour training class

-Minimum of 3 hours a month

-Additional liability insurance provided

To Ride with MyRide:

-60+ years old

-Do not drive / limited driving

-Can walk independently or with the assistance of walkers and/or canes

-Complete a simple application

MyRide TN Southeast


I am truly “Blessed” to have found your SETAAAD/My Ride and will become a regular member of your program!

On a scale of 1 to 1000 [my driver] was off the scale, a superb gentleman...

MyRide services are a much needed necessity for the elderly. The cost is very manageable and more than reasonable. The quality of the volunteer drivers is assured due to the background checks made on them. I feel totally safe and respected

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