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  • How far in advance can I schedule a ride?
    We require a 3-day notice on all rides. This is to provide enough time to confirm a volunteer for the ride.
  • What are the hours of MyRide?
    Monday - Friday 8:15 am - 5:00 pm; excluding State holidays.
  • Where does the money for rider membership go?
    The membership money goes back into the program to cover the additional liability insurance for drivers and also the background checks on drivers to ensure we have safe volunteers driving our riders around.
  • How am I (the driver) covered by insurance?
    The driver’s liability insurance is always considered primary. MyRide TN Southeast purchases additional liability insurance for each driver. Drivers are also covered under the TN Volunteer Driver Protection Act (PROVIDE) and under the Federal Volunteer Protection Act of 1997.
  • What does training involve?
    Volunteer training lasts 2 hours and will be hosted in the county you are driving in. We cover the history of the program, insurance and liability, ride scheduling, and tips for working with seniors. MyRide staff will also assist with paperwork and answer all questions.
  • How are rides assigned?
    MyRide uses a program called Assisted Rides to allow drivers to choose what trips they want to take. We also email the schedule of available rides to all volunteers. Volunteers always chose what trips they take; We never assign a volunteer an unwanted ride.
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