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Volunteer Appreciation BINGO Instructions

BINGO will be hosted at three different times Today, April 22nd: 10 am, Noon, and 2 pm. You can win once per round and each round will have multiple winners.


You can either print your card(s) at home or use an online card where you will just click on the numbers as they are called. If you want a printable card you will need to let me know which round(s) you are wanting to play so I can send it to you.


BINGO Calling

Numbers will be drawn live via GoToMeeting. You can access the video feed at This link will work for every round of BINGO.


Print at Home Cards

If you choose to print your cards, you can just mark them off as the numbers are called. If you get BINGO you can either say it over the call or type it into the chat. 


Online BINGO Cards

To access your online card, go to, and type MyRide into the search box. Click on the game called MyRide Volunteer BINGO and enter the password VolunteersRock. The game will be active 15 minutes prior to starting so you have time. My recommendation would be if you have a smartphone would be to open the card on your phone and watch the video from your computer. You can also open both on your computer as well.


Please feel to call me before the game if you have any questions!

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